Monday, January 27, 2014

This essay is about west africa's civil conflics.

West Africas civil rights For more than a decade, the West African countries of Liberia and sierra Leone shit been roiled by civil conflicts that charter caused millions to run away their homes and left up to 200,000 dead. Even as the fighting has consistently destroyed the two countries economies, infrastructures, and social institutions, the interlinked conflicts have spilled across borders, potation in neighboring Guinea and elevator tensions in Cote dIvoire. Today, sierra Leone is emerging from more than ten old age of civil war between the government and a Liberian-backed dissent group, the Revolutionary get together Front (RUF). Under the security measures of a 17,000-member peacekeeping stuff (the UN Mission in sierra Leone, or UNAMSIL), the country finished a disarmament and demobilization program in January 2002 and conducted nonbelligerent elections in May. Neighboring Liberia, however, mud wracked by fighting between a guerilla group, Liberians coupl ed for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and the government of Charles Taylor, a former rebel fighter who assumed the presidency in a flaw 1997 election process. As Sierra Leone attempts to rebuild its tattered society, deport hundreds of thousands of uprooted wad, and reintegrate some 70,000 ex-combatants, the arrival since January 2002 of at to the lowest dot 30,000 new refugees from Liberia is draining resources from reintegration efforts and threatening Sierra Leones fragile peace. A four-week set visit by the U.S. Committee for Refugees (USCR) to the regions four stirred countries--Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Cote dIvoire--yielded a complex portrait of the problems faced by uprooted people across the region, as well as the challenges make up to the outside(a) community in helping restore peace and constancy to the Uprooted Liberians often find themselves on the front lines of their countrys civil war, labor to move to successive locations within the cou ntry to avoid the fighting. Feimata, 19, fl! ed through with(predicate) with(predicate) the bush... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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