Friday, January 31, 2014

Art History Essay

ART HISTORYAll works of art are made in a certain time and space which helped bring combat-ready its birth . We see this most prominently in the centre arts , in the works of masters whose paintings live on and continue to touch generations , as their work reflect not only the attitudes and personality of the painter precisely also the face of culture , religion and politics which were intricately linked in their time . Consider the three masterpieces of art , El Greco s The entombment of Count Orgaz (1586 Caravaggio s Conversion of St . Paul (1601 , and Peter Paul Rubens emblem of the Outbreak of War (1638 . The three paintings were made in the short years between the Renaissance and the Baroque era - El Greco s work being part of the Mannerism movement habitue though his work is claimed to be an influence to Cubism Ca ravaggio s splendid amour of chiaroscuro defining not only his body of work however also his contribution to Baroque art and Rubens fluid , bad than life ensembles that influenced the Rococo style . Although each artist lends his project style to his work , the pervading culture and atmosphere of their time influenced their outputIn the sixteenth century following the Council of Trent , the Church , being a openhanded patron of the arts , opened opportunities for painters , and influenced themes to be of religious inclination . In particular , the three painters were known to be Catholics , and as such were tapped to do commissions for the Church . El Greco settled...If you want to conjure up a full essay, order it on our website:

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