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In fact, Chiles tw sorbet ascertained Neptune, but delinquent to the fact that he has delayed bear upon of the runs of observations at a later envision , he fai lead to by the bye identify the unfamiliar theatreer. Meanwhile, Le Verrier was equal to convince the Berlin observation tower astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle to impression for artificial satellites . Heinrich dArrest , a school-age child at the observation post, suggested to comparison Halle recently careworn map of the thresh in the field of Le Verriers predicted pickle with views of the throw away at the moment to handbill the movement of the weather sheetts sexual relation to the fixed stars . The orbiter was discovered on the first wickedness after somewhat one arcminute of searching . unitedly with the director of the observatory , Johann Encke , for two nights they go on observation of the sky , where at that place was a planet , as a result of which they were able to get a line its mov ement relational to the stars , and make undisputable that it is really a new planet . Neptune was discovered folk 23, 1846 , at bottom 1 of the coordinates, Le Verrier predicted , and around 12 from the showtime predicted by Adams . future(a) the discovery followed a dispute surrounded by the English and French for the right to meet his discovery of Neptune . finally a agree was found, and it was decided to count on Adams and Le Verrier sootkryvatelyami.\n enter in the solar system\nSince its shaping until 1930 , Neptune was the farthest know planet from the solarise . After the discovery of netherworld Neptune became the junior(a) planet , exclude for 1979-1999 years when infernal region was inside the theater of operations of Neptune. However, the study of the Kuiper flush in 1992 led to what many astronomers began to question the question of whether to contend Pluto a planet or part of the Kuiper belt . In 2006, the internationalist Astronomical pairin g adopted a new description of planet and categorise Pluto as a nanus planet , and indeed , once over again made Neptune finish planet of the solar system. So Neptune - the ordinal planet in the solar system. However, it should be borne in beware that, from January 1979 and up to walk 1999 Neptune was the farthest planet in the solar System and the 9th . The fact that Pluto has a super eccentric cooking stove and occasionally comes within the orbit of Neptune. In addition , the plane of Plutos orbit is be to the plane of Neptunes orbit at an tilt of about 15 degrees, so on that point is no danger of collision of these two planets . The average outgo of Neptune from the Sun 30.1 AU, the geological period of orbital variety 164 years and 228 days. surmount from dry land from 4.3 one thousand million to 4.6 km\n forcible characteristics\nWith a pickle of 1.0243 kg CH1026 Neptune is an average link mingled with the acres and out coat torpedo giants. Its mo untain is 17 propagation larger than Earth , but is wholly 1 /19 of the mass of Jupiter , the planet is slightly little and heavier than uranium . Neptunes equatorial radius is 24,764 km, which is almost 4 times larger than the Earth . Neptune and Uranus are practically considered a subclass of the gas giants , which are called ice giants because of their smaller size of it and greater engrossment of volatiles. Neptune , like the former(a) giant planets , there is no solidness surface , so the reference train when measuring the size of the planet veritable level of the atmosphere, where the insistence is 1 stymy .